We’ll be starting out first Atomic Robo game — something I’ve been looking forward to doing for months, now. Our first volume The Perils of Science! will start in modern day, but several of the middle issues will take place in 1943, during World War II.

One of the “special guests” in one of the issues, taking place at the Philadelphia Naval Yards will be…


Concept Aspect: Science-Fiction Engineer, Omega Aspect: Pulmonary Tuburculosis

Modes and Skills:  Good (+3) Banter: Provoke, Will +4, Contacts, Deceive, Empathy, Rapport +3; Aspect: Failed Politician. Fair (+2) Science!: Aeronautical Engineering +4, Naval Engineering, Notice, Physics +3; Aspect: Thin line between science-fiction & science fact. Average (+1) Action: Combat +2, Athletics, Physique, Vehicles +1; Aspect: Best swordsman in the navy!

Stunts: Do the Math!: 1 fate point to use Will for one Science! skill for a scene; Forceful Personality: Use Will for Rapport when attempting seduction or initial attempts to befriend; Mind Over Matter: 1/scene, can check a mental stress box to absorb a physical hit; Storyteller: If talking to people for a few minutes, gains a free boost on them in Deceive or Rapport tests; Will Over Illness: 1/issue, can take a complication and add the value to a single test.

Stresses:   Physical 2, Mental 4

At the time, Heinlein was a naval reserve officer (lieutenant) working as an aerospace engineer at the Philadelphia Naval Yard, where he met his true love, the amazingly intelligent and redheaded “Ginny” Gerstenfeld., a lieutenant in the WAVES.

He will be working the the Strategic Science Division to try and create a device to cloak ships from radar and sight using confiscated Teslatech after the explosion at that famed inventor’s home/laboratory.