From The Telegraph — 

I know people have been pushing for Idris Elba to be the next Bond, mostly out of a reflexive need to be “inclusive.” He’s a great actor in his own right, and I think he’d be good in the part. (I kinda liked the idea of Colin Salmon that was floated around after Brosnan’s departure…) Now The Telegraph is telling us the bookies in Britain are cutting the odds sharply for Damian Lewis — the superb actor from Band of Brothers, the highly underappreciated Life, and the way overrated Homeland. Apparently, Barbara Broccoli is a big fan, and since she’s the Grand Panjandrum of the Bond film franchise…

I have to say — I really want to see him get the part, although I think James McAvoy could pull it off famously, and Michael Fassbender’s got the look.