After concluding our first volume in our Atomic Robo game, we shifted fire back to Battlestar Galactica, where we began the first of a series of adventures chronicling what happened when Pegasus split from the fleet (In our campaign, that is….)

The characters are CDR Philip Oscari, the CO of Hecate, a Berzerk-class escort or “light battlestar”. He’s seems a quiet and thoughtful man, but underneath the tight control he has, he’s still the former enlisted marine that went into the service to avoid jail time. The other is CPT Danica “Fists” Tanner, a Gina Carano-esuqe former professional fighter than joined the Colonial Fleet to fly vipers, and who is also the commander of their marine detachment.

It started with a nice intro scene recapping the happenings at that time — the Kobol mission had just concluded, and with the destruction of that world and the ongoing Cylon Civil War, the leadership decided there was a good chance Pegasus could shake up the bad guys and keep them off of the fleet while it continued the Exodus to Earth. We had a nice cameo of some of our main campaign characters, and the challenge was to try and recreate their attitudes and emotions from that time. After some politicking and the threat of having to “terminate the command” of the commander PC from the main game, Pegasus gathered the materiel necessary to head back toward the Colonies to distract and harry the Cylon menace.

Using the intelligence from skin jobs captured by Galactica, they were able to stage an attack on a major Cylon staging post a few light years away from Kobol. The battle proved to be extremely difficult and the players’ ship, Hecate — a Berzerk-class escort — as well as Pegasus, took a hell of a drubbing, but managed to win out against a major base with tylium mine and a new centurion production facility.

They found that all the skin jobs had been murdered and stacked like cordwood outside the base in the minimal carbon dioxide atmosphere. They also raided the Cylon computer system using software Baltar designed to read and translate the data to Colonial formats. To their surprise, the Cylons are a lot weaker than they seem. Between the vessels that are chasing the fleet and the civil war, a lot of Cylon materiel is considered destroyed. They confirm that there are only six basestars running patrol in the Colonies, along with two battlestars they’ve cut out of mothballs.

They realize there’s a very real chance of pushing the Cylons out of the Colonies, if they can win the space game. The ground game, however, will be the real challenge. There are plenty of Cylons on some of the worlds — corps and army-level numbers, but other worlds have no more than a battalion or two holding them due to low population density. The other intelligence they’ve gleaned (remember, this is only a few months after the Fall of the Colonies):

Aerilon was mostly spared the nukes, as the humanoid Cylons (or Seraph, as they call themselves) needed the farmland; there’s heavy resistance movements around the world. There looks to be alliances between some of the survivors and the remaining humanoid Cylons. [20,000 centurions, mostly near the cities not fully destroyed]

Aquaria wasn’t really worth nukes — they used centurions. There’s a healthy and highly successful resistance in the snow and mountains of the world. Most of the floating cities were sunk. [down to 1000, mostly in the two major cities.]

Canceron was hit hard due to the large population, but they are still having trouble subduing the world — suddenly those survivalists don’t look so quaint or stupid. There’s heavy environmental damage, but it’s still habitable. The Cylons have large-scale industrial projects to pump out more centurions — they will be near completion by the time the characters get home. [50,000 centurions]

Caprica got hit the worst, after Picon. There are still survivors, but the world is mostly dead. The Cylons have large-scale industrial projects to pump out more centurions — they will be near completion by the time they get home. [10, 000 centurions, mostly in areas around Caprica City and Delphi.]

Gemenon — the world was borderline inhabitable, anyway; the nukes have killed it. [1000 centurions]

Leonis is much like Canceron — it got hit hard, but the world is big and had absorbed more radiation damage than the Colonials expected it could. The big cities are gone, for the most part, and there is heavy Cylon presence. Resistance movements planetwide, and there are rumors the Leonine Navy (their Coast Guard) is actively fighting the toasters The Last Ship-style. (This would make for an interesting B- story paralleling the rag-tag fleet in a campaign, I think…) The Cylons have large-scale industrial projects to pump out more centurions — they will be near completion by the time they get home. [50,000 centurions]

Libran wasn’t worth more than a few nukes. The world is proving very difficult to tame due to rough terrain and heavy jungle. A small but effective resistance has been winnowing down the centurion numbers…not bad for a bunch of hedonists and beach bums, eh? Setting up industrial bas to produce more centurions. [down to 2000 centurions]

Picon — Destroyed between the nukes and the reentry of Picon HQ. [5000 — mostly doing materiel collection]

Sagittaron — The cities are gone and there was almost no resistance to the Cylons. There are a lot of survivors hiding around the world, and the centurions are converting the industrial base to their needs. [10,000 centurions, mostly doing industrial work]

Scorpia — destroyed between the nukes and the shipyards falling out of the sky. [5000 centurions — mostly doing materiel collection]

Tauron — Destroyed between the nukes and the shipyard falling out of the sky thanks to Pegasus. [see Scorpia]

VIrgon — See Leonis.

Cyrannus Shipyards — the ‘boneyard’ saw Cylon action and the last information they have was that the centurions had equipped a bunch of the mothballed ships for combat to bolster their basestar numbers. There’s mostly transports and raiders in the area, and a company’s worth of centurions automating the hulks they’re cutting out.

The better news — there are at least three other Colonial vessels harassing the Cylons — 2 Erynis-class light battlestars positively identified as Aegis and Valkyrie, and one Berzerk-class battlestar, Enyo. They might be able to find these ships on their way to the Colonies.