Day two of the #rpgaday2015 conversation, “Kickstarter Game You’re Most Pleased to Have Backed” was a easy. I’ve only backed three Kickstarts, so far — two from Modiphus — the Transhuman book for the Eclipse Phase game (mostly because they do such nice work) and Mindjammer, Sarah Newton’s immense sci-fi transhuman setting for FATE; and from Exile Games, Revelation of Mars (for Hollow Earth Expedition) a book I’ve been waiting for from when it was first teaser a good five years ago.

It’s a tough one — I’m much more excited about RoM than the other two, but was disappointed by the length of time it took for them to get it out the door. (I’ve got the eb0ok, but am still waiting on the physical products, at this time…) Modiphus, on the other hand, blasted Transhuman and Mindjammer out the door in quick order, seems to be shipping the push goal products at a good clip, and the company has been superb with their communication, so I think I’m going to have to go with Mindjammer on this one.

And honorable mention goes to a project I missed the Kickstart on, but did a pre-order as soon as possible, and that’s Chronicle City’s translation of Clockwerk’s German-language, Ubiquity-powered Space:1889. That setting thrilled me enough in 1989, when it came out that I’d run some version of it from 1990 to 2008-ish, when we started dabbling with Hollow Earth and Battlestar Galactica. It also inspired me to go into history (something I should berate the game producers for..terrible life choice!) and to study the Victorian period for my master’s work.