By “media”, I’m going to go with an established setting…I’ve got a tie.

If we’re going with books, it’s hands-down the Gaea Series by John Varley — Titan, Wizard, and Demon, which have some of the most inventive worldbuilding in a sci-fi setting. If you haven’t read them, you really should give them a try. The style of each book is different — a fast-paced action/adventure in a strange, sentient world; a subversive spy/action adventure in the same, but which really develops the Titanides; and the “what the f#$% were you smoking finale between this world, Gaea, and the heroes.

If TV/movies, I’d like to see a game based on Defiance, which was a bit weak in beginning the first season, but rapidly improved.

I do think a nice dystopian game could be built around the comic book world of Lazarus by the talented Greg Rucka (read his Queen & Country series — it’s fantastic!)