So…it’s been 25 months since my credit card was hit for my support of the Kickstarter for Revelations of Mars, and according to Backerkit, my order still hasn’t shipped. Yes, I’ve got the pdf copy, but all the physical stuff promised? Nope. I understand that producing a thing takes some time, but I suspect a lot of the product was on the floor at GenCon, not in the mail. It was a sore disappointment after how well Modiphius did with their Transhuman and Mindjammer Kickstarts.

Next up, a classic “what not to do” in business — take pre-orders on a product you lose the license to distribute and not tell your customers. This little beauty come from Chronicle City, which was advertising the English version of the new Space: 1889…only they’re not doing it. It’s Modiphius (see above) according to the folks at Clockwork in Germany. It looks like I’m going to have to reverse the charges on that one.

This is after having been asked to write a book for a certain publisher,  only to have them not bother to send me out a contract — but, hey, if you could get to work on that stuff… This is the second time that this group has shafted me, but they did pay me the back pay they owed me when I wrote the rules for their inventions guide for one of their lines. I wasn’t paid for a bunch of material when the guy running Chronicle City was in charge at the publisher in question.

Watching the situation in the RPG industry is like watching a really amped-up version of the publishing industry, and all the foibles of that collective group. Underpaid (if at all) talent, under-projecting costs or demand (which Kickstarter is supposed to mitigate somewhat), half-assed production leadership, terrible editing, and late product (if it shows up at all.)

It was enough that I walked away from a couple of books at few years ago, and now I find myself thinking that all the old, dead systems I prefer could save me a lot of money on new product that may or may not show up on my doorstep.