I’ve never done horror well, and I haven’t seen anyone else do it terribly well, either. I played Call of Chthulu a few times in 1991, and the experience was so bad that I haven’t played the game, and recoil at its very mention. So I guess in that sense the shitty GM was successful…

I know it’s unfair. I know it was a bad experience and I should chance it with a GM I trust, but as if considering a deviant sex act, I’m trepidatious.

I had, before that, looked at a few different systems — Chill stands out but I remember nothing of the system. Ghostbusters was a silly and fun pick-up game, but we had played it up more for the comedy than the horror. Even my own dip of the toe into horror a few years ago with Supernatural, had a few eery moments, but the natural humor of the group overcame that. There is the infamous fight between the drunk FBI character and a — I think it was a fox spirit — in a men’s room that involved the character peeing on himself, throwing up, and also getting the s#!t kicked out of him. It was a good fight, and nowhere as gratuitous as it sounds, but it wasn’t scary…it was hilarious!

So, I’ve steered away from horror. I just can’t maintain the atmosphere long enough for a full adventure, much less a campaign.