I really, really don’t give a crap about celebrities. I’ve met a bunch — the Rock, who wasn’t the Rock, yet, but was having a birthday party at the Avona Fire Station I somehow got invited to — so I didn’t realize I’d met him ’til he started using his real name — was a great, friendly guy, even to a nerd that got invited to his party third hand; James Doohan was a great guy to talk about WWII with and as a historian, I wish I’d had another chance to talk with him; Claudia Christian was funny and dropped a lot of dirt about a recent convention here in Albuquerque (I suspect she’s someone that after some time you either really like, or really hate); John Travolta was chatting me up about my bike a few years ago and seemed a likable guy; Claire Danes seemed aloof and a bit bitchy; and I’ll admit, I really like a bunch of the Marvel guys for their actions off camera.

But I don’t know them, so I don’t really care about what they do.

Honestly, if there were any gamer “celebrities” that I would like to game with, it would be a few of the girls from I Hit It With My Axe — a few of them were funny and smart. Otherwise, outside of Vin Diesel, I really don’t know anything about gamer celebs.

Who are these celeb gamers, anyway? (And if any are reading, say hi!)