This seemed an appropriate addition to the game’s stables…

After a rough start (one review saw the vehicle famously not even make it out of the parking lot), Tesla Motors is now turning out beautifully designed, fast luxury vehicles that might even make it from London to the coast (as an early model infamously could not in an episode of Top Gear…) The P85D is powered by a  85 kWh battery (or a 90 kWh, if want another 6% of range), which drives two motors — a 503hp equivalent rear wheel motor, and a 259hp equivalent front wheel motor. The all-wheel drive gives the P85D a total torque of 713 ft-lbs deliverable…instantaneously, and the title of the “fastest sports sedan in the world” with a 0-60 of under 3 seconds, and a 0-100 of 3.2 seconds…better than a GT3 car when sent to “Insane” setting. the top speed is 155mph, and it has a range of about 250 miles if driven at highway speeds — this falls off dramatically at speeds over 100mph.

It can be had in two and four door. The interior is nicely appointed with leather seats, a large, easy to operate touchscreen in the center of the dash, and multiple amenities, including wifi, bluetooth, and other modern electronic perks, but the big one is  autopilot, which can warn the driver of other cars when merging into traffic, which has an adaptive cruise control that adjusts to the traffic speeds ahead, which can can follow the curve of the road and lane center, and changes lanes for you with the tap of the turn signal. It has a remote control driving application for your phone, even…



The main limitations of the Tesla are the recharge times. Even with a proper 220 outlet pushing the recommended power, users see about 29miles for each hour charged. That means an eight to nine hour recharge time from near empty to full charge. Run the car dry and you are stuck for a night.


PM: +2   RED: 4   CRUS: 60   MAX: 155   RNG: 250   FCE: 3   STR: 9   COST: $150,000

GM Information: The range on the Model S is halved if the car is run over 100mph. The car recieved an additional +2EF Pursue/Flee, and Safety tests.

Wanna see how damned fast this is? Watch it destroy a Holden kitted out for racing and a Walkinson.