Runeslinger brought up an excellent question while chatting about my Reusing Stories post. He remarked that it was nice to see some Hollow Earth in my Hollow Earth Expedition game. Like me, he had avoided that obvious bit of faux science that — while a popular theme at the time — is utter rot.

In this case, I’ve got some ideas for why the hollow earth exists in our game that doesn’t cause the obvious issues dealing with gravity. Or common sense. But more on that at another time.

It got me wondering, however, ow many people that play Exlie Game’s Hollow Earth Expedition actually set adventures in the interior of the planet? While I suspect we’re unlikely to get many folks opining in the comments section, I’ll open this up to any reader — if you’ve run the game, did it include that setting; for those who haven’t played HEX, if you were going to run a ’30s pulp game would you consider using the hollow earth as a setting or McGuffin?