I already did a review on the latest version of Space:1889which uses the Ubiquity engine from Hollow Earth Expedition by Exile Games. Since the review was done, Chronicle City apparently lost the rights to the English language version of the game. (I never got the hard copy of the game and conveniently CC didn’t tell me, but he sure as shit cashed that check, didn’t he..?)  However, the excellent folks (despite their umlaut fixation) over at Mödiphiüs have gotten the books in and are selling them now.

This publisher has brought us Sarah Newton’s massive Mindjammer game using Fate, as well as the Thunderbirds board game, the popular Achtung! Chthulu and recent Call of Chthulu lines. So give ’em a look if you are interested in the return of the original steampunk (gods, I hate that term!) game setting…but with rules that work.

I’m already out $50 for a book I never got, but I am considering dropping more coin on the faux leather edition for my favorite game setting ever.