Next up, the ubiquitous steam-powered aerial flyer, and the Aphid-class aerial gunboat of the Royal Navy on Mars:

Aerial Steam Launch

SteamLaunchRightThese little craft are made by a few different purveyors in the colonized cities of Mars, and there are a few making these liftwood craft for Earth, as well. They are typically about the size of a water-bound steam launch.

SIZE: 4   DEF: 6   STR: 12   SPD: 20   HAN: 0   CREW: 2   PASS: 4   PRICE: £4,000

Aphid-class Aerial Gunboat

space-1889-lThe first of its kind, the Aphid class is the workhorse for the British Empire’s holdings in the Syrtis Major region. 65 feet in length, well armed for her size, and caable of speed up to 30mph, these small craft conduct aerial treasury activities throughout the colony.

SIZE: 8   DEF: 4   STR: 14   SPD: 30   HAN: -2   CREW: 15   PASS: n/a   PRICE: £23,000; WEAPONRY: 4′ short cannon (fore) — Dmg: 10L   Rng: 500′   Rate: 1/2   Spd: S   Size: 2; 2 1 lb. Hotchkiss Rotary Cannons (side mount) — Dmg: 8L   Rng: 500′   Rate: 1/2   Spd: S Size: 2; 2 Nordenfeldt machineguns (broadside) — Dmg: 5L   Rng: 250′   Cap: 40 (m) Tate: A   Spd: S

German Passenger Zeppelin

These lighter-than-aircraft are held aloft by hydrogen cells inside a rigid framework. The passengers reside in a car that is attached at the bottom of the hull.

SIZE: 16   DEF: 2   STR: 18   SPD: 50   HAN: -2   CREW: 15   PASS: 10   PRICE: £20,000