The daughter of Colonel Lord Athlestan Ansom of the Survey Corps of the Indian Army,  and his wife Emma neé Devon, Margaret was born in 1905 and raided in India until 1918, with end of the Great War. Her father had served in the war in the Palestinian Campaign and was killed in action. Her mother died a few months after they arrived in England from the Spanish Influenza. She was send to live with her eccentric uncle, Lord Trevor Ansom, a lecturer in antiquities at Oxford, and a veteran of the Great War (he served in France.) She was a student of Miss Wimplecote’s School for Girls.

Trevor dragged her all over the world looking into folklore, rumors, and myths — Egypt, India, Mexico, and South America. As a result, Margaret — who styles herself “Zara” — is a woman of action and independence, often given to wanderlust. She is a “modern woman” — a product of the ’20s flapper era: sex, drugs, booze, and music. In 1925, she learned to fly from a handsome Italian chap while living in Africa. She began her career as an aviatrix with the purchase of a used, surplus Sopwith Pup until she crashed it in 1929 during a bad landing at Croydon Airfield.

All this came to an end with the Crash of 1929, which cleaned out the Ansom fortunes. To preserve their lifestyle, Zara married American oil tycoon George Bose of Texas in 1930. He bought her a used Sikorsky S-36 “air yacht” she calls Bernadette. The marriage quickly came apart between her constant traveling and carousing, and his intense work schedules and philandering. They recently divorced (amicably) and are still friendly. (She especially appreciates that alimony check every month!)

Archetype: Adventuress     Motivation: Escape     Style: 6     Health: 5

Body: 2   Dexterity: 2   Strength: 2   Charisma: 4   Intelligence: 3   Willpower; 3

Size: 0   Move: 5   Perception: 6   Initiative: 5   Defense: 4   Stun: 2

Resources: Artifact 2: Bernadette, a Sikorsky S-36; Follower 0: Rigoletto, a capuchin monkey; Refuge: Higgsdown House, Sussex; Status 1: +2 social tests in English society; Wealth: $400 [£80]/mo.

Traits: Attractive

Flaws: Curious, Deep Sleeper, Loyal, Scandalous, Thrillseeker

Languages: English (native); French, German, Hindi, and Spanish

Vehicle: Bernadette, Sikorsky S-36 — Size: 8   Def: 4   Str: 8   Speed: 120   Han: -2   Crew: 2   Pass: 6   Ceiling: 16,000′ Rng: 750 mi.;

Austin Seven — Size: 2   Def: 4   Str: 6   Speed: 50   Han: 0   Crew: 1   Pass: 3   Cost: $500 [£100]

Weapon: Astra “Ruby” .32 — Damage: 2L   Rng; 25′   Cap: 7 (m)   Rate: M   Spd: A


Archetype: 3 yr. old Capuchin monkey   Motivation: Survival

Body: 1   Dexterity: 3   Strength: 1   Charisma: 0   Intelligence: 1   Willpower: 3

Size: -1   Move: 4   Perception: 4   Initiative: 4   Defense: 6   Stun: 1   Health: 2

Style — Zara can use style points for Rigoletto

Skills: Acrobatics 2/5, Brawl 2/3, Larceny 1/4, Stealth 2/6, Survival 3/4

Flaws: Near Human — cannot communicate, but can use tools

Weapons: Bite 2L, Claws 1N