Born in 1903 in Strasbourg to a doctor and Lutheran missionary, Carl Hassenfeldt, and his wife, Maria, Gustav is an only child. The family moved to German East Africa in 1907 and had a farm on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. During the Great War, his father was conscripted into the schutztruppen as a medical officer. Maria and Gustav were placed under house arrest, and a company of the King’s Royal Rifle Corps occupied the farm. After the end of the war, the family were allowed to remain in the colony until they were expelled by the colonial governor in 1922.

The family moved to Germany during the height of the political and economic instability. Their home was now in French hands, and they lived in Berlin for a few years before his parents left for America, settling in New Braunfels, Texas in 1926. Gustav did not go with them, but instead struck out as a guide and hunter, eventually returning to Africa.

For the last six years, he has developed a reputation as an excellent guide, an impeccably honest man, and a tremendous shot. He has climbed mountains and hunted on four continents, but is best known for his work in Africa.

Archetype: Hunter   Motivation: Fame   Style: 4   Health: 6

Body: 3   Dexterity: 3   Strength 2   Charisma: 2   Intelligence: 2   Willpower: 3

Size: 0   Move: 5   Perception: 5   Initiative: 5   Defense: 5   Stun: 3

Resources: Contacts 1: +2 social tests with hunting community; Fame 1: +2 social tests adventuring communities

Talents: Long Shot, Rapid Shot, Robust

Flaws: Cautious, Danger Magnet, Honorable

Languages: German (native); English, Swahili

Skills: Animal Handling 3/5, Athletics 3/5, Brawl 3/5, Bureaucracy 2/4, Diplomacy 2/4, Drive 1/4, Firearms 3/6 (Rifle +1), Linguistics 3/5, Ride 2/5, Stealth 2/5, Streetwise 2/4, Survival 3/5 (Hunting +1)

Weaponry: Westley-Richards .452 Double Rifle — Damage 5L   Rng: 250′   Cap: 2   Rate: M   Spd: A; Griffin & Howe .375 Magnum Mauser w/ 5x Heinsoldt scope — Damage 5L Rng: 400′   Cap: 5(c)   Rate: M   Spd: A; Winchester M1912 12 gauge pump shotgun cut to 15″ barrel — Damage: 4L   Rng: 25′   Cap: 5(i)   Rate: M   Spd: A