We had a new player join us this evening, so I had whipped up a character that could drop in quick and easy with the existing group…

John Hunter

Born in 1901 as Giovanni Cacciatore, he is the son of Genoese immigrants to Philadelphia, PA. His family chose to change their names to something more “American” when they arrived in 1908. His father, Frank, is a shipping clerk in the South Philadelphia Docks and is the “go-to man” for getting things in and out of the country quietly. John grew up on Carpenter Street, getting into trouble and running wild. He quickly picked up various talents — pickpocketing, lockpicking, and smuggling among them. Caught red handed in 1917, he was given the choice of joining the military or jail time. He joined the US Marine Corps and served in France. After the war, he remained in Paris where his sticky-fingered skills were appreciated. He had a reputation for specializing in antiquities. After a strange incident involving an ancient and esoteric object, and a mysterious “lost island” in the Indian Ocean, he was recruited by the Terra Arcanum as an agent in 1927 and rose to “overseer” in 1930.

Archetype: Spy     Motivation: Mystery     Health: 5     Style: 5

Body: 2, Dexterity: 3, Strength: 2, Charisma; 3, Intelligence: 3, Willpower: 3

Size: 0, Move: 5, Perception: 6, Initiative: 6, Defense: 5, Stun: 2

Resources: Contacts 1: smugglers, Mentor 2: Douglas VanMeer, PhD (and Master in Terra Arcanum), Rank: Overseer, Terra Arcanum

Traits: Agile, Atlanean Language

Flaws: Curious, Hunted, Secret (member of the Terra Arcanum), Vow (same)

Languages: Italian (native); English, Greek, Spanish

Skills: Academics, History 1/4, Acrobatics 2/5, Athletics 2/4, Brawl 2/4, Bureaucracy 2/5, Con 2/5, Craft, Mechanics 1/4, Diplomacy 1/4, Drive 1/4, Firearms 2/5, Investigation 2/5, Larceny 3/6, Linguistics 2/5, Melee 2/4, Ride 1/4, Stealth 2/5, Streetwise 2/5, Survival 1/4

Weapon: Colt Detective .38 special, knife