I needed a new talent that would work well with the new bad guy organization we introduced last week — the Special Department of the GPU. The group is in charge of the psychic and magical research of the Soviets, and one of the standard tropes of the period was the connection to sexual promiscuity in “sorcerers.”

To that end, I created the following. Feel free to use or alter it:

Magical Focus

The character is a repository of magical energy. Maybe they aren’t capable of using this energy themselves, but others can tap into it through a variety of methods — maybe they need their blood, maybe they need to touch the focus, or maybe there is some kind of tantric component. However it works, a sorcerer can add a +1 to their sorcery roll if they are able to gain access to the however the focus works.

The focus themselves can pass magical energy to the spellcaster by taking 2 non-lethal damage in exchange for +2 dice to the sorcery test.

Normal: The character has no special value to sorcerers.

Talent: See above. The magical focus talent can be taken up to two times.