A little tweaking was needed this week for one of the NPCs in our current campaign. Here’s the result…

Olga Markova

Born in Kiev, 6 June 1911, Olga was the second child of Samuel Markov and his wife, Rachel. Her brother, David, is two years older. Her parents were Jewish, and ran a successful tailors shop. Her father was lightly involved in socialist politics, but avoided trouble. With the Revolution in 1917, her father moved swiftly to join the local Soviet, and avoid becoming a target. Her father was a member of the Ministry for Jewish Affairs under the Ukrainian  People’s Republic, and once the Bolsheviks arrived in force, he quickly joined the Yevsektsiya — the Bolshevik organization designed to eradicate Jewish culture and Zionist movements — in 1921.

An ally of Trotsky, when the Yevsektsiya was disbanded in 1929, Samuel fell afoul of the new GPU. Her parents were executed, her older brother David was sent to one of the new “gulags” in Siberia. 17 year old Olga became the plaything of Mikhail Ruslan, one of the local GPU Special Department officers. From there things get strange, and a lot of hearsay surrounds her background.

Ruslan was a protege of Gelb Bokii, the head of the Special Department, who was a close ally to both Lenin and Dzerzinsky. In addition to running the work camps, Bokii frequently was tasked with strange, esoteric operations. One of those operations under his oversight was the Bekhterev Brain Institute, where experimentation on “psychometry” and other mental abilities was conducted. He also was in charge of missions to find objects of power, and to investigate the location of Hyperborea. Olga was frequently at the Brain Institute, and was supposedly “very important” to Alexandr Barchenko — the head of the BBI — and was a regular attendee of the orgiastic gatherings of the Special Department at the Kuchino dacha.

Eventually,  in early 1932, Olga contacted the Bosphorous Hebrew Relief Fund, leaking information that Ruslan and Barchenko would be in the Crimea. The Rabinowitz Group attempted to kill the two men, but missed, having been intercepted by GPU agents. Olga, however, killed Ruslan and injured Barchenko, before escaping with one of the Rabinowitz thugs. This earned her a ticket to Istanbul, where she has been working wth the group ever since.

Olga has quickly established herself as a competent spy and blood-thirsty assassin of Cheka agents. She even made an attempt on Trotsky, himself, but missed. Most people do not see her coming; she uses her good looks and aloof demeanor to draw in her targets. Among the Rabinowitz Group she has a powerful reputation for her absolute calm in tense situations, the collection of whip scars on her back, and her vicious use of a great knout when questioning enemies.

Recently, she and her companions have become aware that she is of great interest to the Special Department’s Section 2 — their “mystical” investigations unit — and that Bokii, himself, wants her returned unharmed. There are several theories as to why: 1) she is a latent psychic, 2) she has some kind of mystic competency, and most likely 3) she has captivated several of the men or the Special Department.

Archetype: Spy     Motivation: Revenge     Health: 5     Style: 5


Height: 5’8”     Weight: 110 lbs     Hair: Black     Eyes: Green     Age 22

ATTRIBUTES: Body: 2   Dexterity: 3   Strength: 2   Charisma: 3   Intelligence: 3    Willpower: 3

Secondary Attributes:  Size: 0   Move: 5   Perception: 6   Initiative: 6   Defense: 5   Stun: 2


RESOURCES & TALENTS: Attractive; Finesse Attack: Systema and Melee; Magical Aptitude; Magical Focus: Can act as power source and focus for other magicians

FLAWS: Callous, Criminal; Hunted, GPU and other occult groups

LANGUAGE: Russian & Yiddish (native), French, Hebrew

SKILLS: Acrobatics 1/4, Athletics 2/ 4, Con 2/ 5, Diplomacy 1 / 4, Firearms 2/ 5, Investigation 2/ 4, Language 2/ 4, Martial Arts, Systema 2/ 5, Melee 2/ 5, Performance, Acting 1/ 4, Stealth 2/ 5, Streetwise 1/ 4, Survival 1/ 3


Knout Damage: 1N   Rng: 8’   Rate: 1   Spd: A

Ithaca Field Gun 12 gauge, sawed-down: Damage: 4L   Attack Rating: 9 (4+)L    Rng: 25’

Cap: 2   Rate: M   Spd: A