Known as “the Ghost”, Lenshev’s ability is to use his powers of will and concentration to mask the presence of people and things…he “clouds men’s minds”, to quote a popular radio show.

Archetype: Spy     Motivation: Duty     Health:  7

Body: 3     Dexterity: 3     Strength: 2     Charisma:  2    Intelligence: 2     Will: 4

Initiative: 5     Defense: 6     Stun: 4     Move: 5     Perception: 6

SKILLS: Acrobatics 5, Athletics 5, Bureaucracy 5, Con 3, Diplomacy 3, Firearms 5, Investigation 4, Larceny 4, Martial Arts, Systema 6, Stealth 6, Streetwise 3, Survival 3

RESOURCES: Rank: Captain, GPU

TALENTS: Finesse Attack, Systema; Iron Will, Iron Jaw, Psychic Ability: Cloaking

LANGUAGES: Russian (native), English, French, German, Mongolian

FLAWS: Callous, Sadist, Vow

WEAPON: Pair of nickel-plated  Tokarev TT-33