So…I’m having no issues with game prep, even though I’ve been having trouble making time for it. The game is fun, the ideas are flowing…but for the last three months, I’ve been trying to keep the game running due to scheduling conflict. Everyone, it seems — myself, included — has had some kind of issues. I’ve had a spate of last minute no-shows. Rarely have I had scheduling issues crop up like this outside of when I was in the service.

So when I got another “Hey, I can’t make it Thursday” email, even though I kind of remembered there was another conflict this week, or next, or both, I realized — looking at my calendar — that I was “the guy” that usually/always coordinates these things.

We’ve got a family health emergency that puts pressure on the spouse’s scheduling, and she has work obligations — I’m not the only one that gets affected when we can’t keep a schedule; I’m trying to start a new business and get product ready; I have an attention-hungry five-year old who, during school time, needs time stability. This week, for the first time, I was tired of being “the guy.”

It really surprised me how hard this hit.

I told the others to work it out and let me know. I feel guilty about dropping the ball on them, and it probably came off snarky, but I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the other life shit. Maybe people just got so used to me saying, “Sure, whaddya need?” that they assume I don’t have stuff to do.

So how do others handle this?