We started the evening with a flashback to Lady Zara sneaking back into her home with her Uncle Trevor waiting up. She’s just wrecked her new car racing in nighttime London. One of these days, he predicted, she and her fast friends were going to get into a situation they could not recover from…

That leads her to wake under a pile of bodies in the wreckage of the war saucer Aruna. Gus Hassenfedlt had already been awake for a while, triaging the dead and wounded from the crash. Of the 14 “Atlanteans”, only 8 survived, including Lord Amon and Shria, the pilot. The other characters were pretty banged up, and with Gould giving him instruction, Gus bandaged and treated most of the wounded, while the doctor tended to the party.

Afterward, Shria sounded the ship and found one of the “power crystals” that ran the motor that malfunctioned had shattered — she’s never seen anything like it! There’s damage to the forward propulsion units, as well. The ship isn’t going anywhere.

Gus, Hunter, and Amon set a watch around the saucer, only to aggressed by a herd or pack of allosaurus. In the fray, Hunter is badly injured, but Gus and the others in the fight manage to kill the four towering carnivores. At least now they have plenty to eat.

After a few days, they are discovered by a dozen people in riotous clothing — brightly colored (although the theme of white and red-striped canvas pants, shirts, etc. seems to recur) and adorned with bits of junk and widgets. Led by Zoppo, a brave but stupid man, they learn they are from “the Sanctuary” — only a day’s travel away on the coast. They had come to give offerings and the welcome the Atlanteans in their sky craft! Eventually, they discover they all speak English, the holy language of their “Captain.”

With no other options, they set out to find the Sanctuary, which turns out to be a settlement that adorns the sides of a wrecked two-stack ocean liner, the SS Grand Pacific. The front is opened like a toothed maw, the back is obviously broken, and there are boats tied around the keel. Overhead, a red and white-striped blimp is moored to one of the stacks.

But the real shocker is what’s out to see — a mountain of rock with a city on top, floating over the water. This, they learn from Amon, is the Aerie…the home of the “hawk people.”

Taken aboard Sanctuary, they meet the “Captain”, the last remaining crew member of the vessel, which launched from Liverpool for Melbourne in June 1893. Evan Hollander is the captain, and he is very pleased to receive the Vril/ Gould suddenly realizes they’ve been  played…these are not Atlanteans, but the people that the pirate king, Trihn, had tried to sell him to!

We left off for the night there, with the characters surrounded by cargo cultists, in their hulk of a home, and their Atlantean friends exposed as fakes.