Our current Hollow Earth Expedition campaign has been belting along nicely with a good, fun pulp flavor, and while there were many good moments we’ve had, the most impressive — for me — that we saw from one of the player’s was Gustav Hassenfeldt, our scrupulously honest, moral big game hunter, finally lose his temper with the bad guys as two dozen of them swarmed in on our heroes while they were resting from an earlier attack at a plantation in India.

While the others were smartly arranging their defense of the building, Gus grabbed his trusty Griffin & Howe .375 magnum bolt-action and a handful of spare rounds, and race to the second floor, where he proceeded to pick off five of the offending COMINTERN agents in the space of two rounds (about 10 seconds.) Each shot was miraculously deadly — essentially headshots, done in near darkness, on running targets shooting back.

It was the first time that Gus had been able to really do his schtick through the entire campaign. He’d either been in first fights, or used a small handgun on offending giant creatures, but it was the sheer amount and speed of carnage he wrecked that was truly impressive.