As the GM, I don’t have a character they can really talk about, but there are a few that seem to have caught their imagination. Most recently, that seems to be Olga — the Russian girl they lured away from the Rabinowitz gang in Istanbul. Olga is a Russian Jew who was apparently a plaything for the head of the Special Department of the GPU, and we later found out a sort of “psychic battery” for mind or magical powers. She is quiet and beautiful, but vicious with her knout.

They took to her after they rescued a mystic they had gotten information from in Istanbul. The older former leader of the Thule Society had been kidnapped by the SS, and the characters felt obligated to save him. n the course of this, Olga broke a man’s wrist with a deft swing of the knout (everyone else was using guns), and knocked another cold. Guns, apparently, weren’t as scary as a young woman breaking people with a length of heavy leather.