Mine take on this is going be be different, I suspect, than many folks. The biggest surprise wasnt’ an event or a monster or any kind of plot hook, but rather a character so well played and crafted, that he took over an most of a session and had everyone laughing and enjoying themselves that no one wanted to bust in on his groove.

We were playing a Supernatural game, in which the Vatican had gotten a pair of priests that were part of a “secret service” handling exorcisms and the like. In the process of tracking down what would turn out to be werewolves in New York City, they enlisted the aid of said character…who needs to be described in detail:

Jerry P Neimann is the son of an Air Force colonel and a schoolteacher who grew up in East Orange, New Jersey. He was a fat, introverted kid who binged on sci-fi and Lovecraftian horror, and is a gamer. Smart, catastrophically lazy, he got an MS in computer security and has become a moderately successful computer security guru, who is legendary in the northern Jersey RPG and comic communities for his toy collection. On the side, he “ghost hunts” for his YouTube channel (and claims that SciFi screwed him out of his pitch for Ghost Hunters.)

Jerry is a 300 lb., red-heaired, pink sausage of a man who is nearsighted, has a “neard” (a neck beard), and is obsessive about the wonders of Android over iOS, Linux over everything else, and open source whatever.

You’ve met this guy.

Jerry discovers the werewolf infestation while ghost hunting in the abandoned train tunnels under Manhattan, and is the pot device for getting things rolling, but it was only once he got on a tear about werewolves, SciFi’s blatant theft of his idea, computers, the Church, his bunion, and a few others things that Jerry P Neimann managed to burst forth from the inestimable Joe LeConte’s head and completely derailed the night. In a good way. He was so damned funny, no one wanted him to stop.

I’ve seen great gamers, but I’ve never seen a 6’3″ black Irish kid from Boston turn into the stereotypical red-headed stepchild gamer and computer geek so fully, and amusingly, as to simple steal all the air out of the room.

It was delightful.

Miss that guy.