Well — everyone showed up! We were going to do a movie night, but instead, our intrepid band of explorers continued their adventures in the Interior World.

Having fallen in with alleged Atlanteans, the group were whisked away in their flying saucer, only to have the thing crash due to — it seems — Olga’s effect on magic and psychic powers overloading the crystals that powered the machine. They fought off a trio of allosaurus, then were discovered by a small group of cargo cultists that took them to their “Sanctuary” — the wreck of the SS Great Pacific, a double stack passenger liner that wnt missing in 1893.

Led by their “captain” and the last remaining member of the crew, Hollander, they have been combing the waters and beaches for goods and artifacts from the “Outside World.” Taken before the captain, they learn their Atlantean friends are actually Vril — either a servitor race or debased descendants of those great people. They still hail from Atlantis, but outside of Emperor Mot, they are not who they once were. Lord Amon, it turns out, is the ruler of Ultima Thule, one of the vassal states of Atlantis. He was responding to the pirate king, Chua Te, who had offered Gould up for ransom.

Through a series of arguments and conversations, they find out that Atlantis has been steadily losing its way. The people cannot understand or use much of the technology, save for the emperor, and that the connection to the Outside World is tenuous, like a soap bubble. Amon was hoping to use Gould to overthrow Mot — a plan that, listening to others tell their tales of the dictator — may be worthwhile.

They meet Uncle Zek, a crazed inventor who has crafted his own flying machines from the remains of other craft, and who is aided by a “mind machine”, some kind of damaged and incomplete robotic companion he wears on his back. He is willing to help them repair Aruna, their saucer, for the salvage of the damaged crystals which cannot run the saucer, but could run his machines.

An added wrinkle is a strange woman, Ivora the Magnificent, a massive fat woman who lives in the blimp over the Sanctuary, and who the Vril do not trust…she was once a ruler in Asura be Shahar — the City of Demons — before she was ousted. She is not to be trusted.

About this time a fleet of ships, led by Sea Serpent, the seven-masted war junk of Chua Te, arrives looking for sanctuary after San Antonio was destroyed by the Vril. Hassenfeldt argues for allowing them sanctuary and trying to forge an alliance between the peoples of the Interior World to fight Mot, but the others aren’t so sure that’s going to work. They decide to first repair the saucer, then proceed from there, but while sleeping they are attacked by pirates from the fleet.

We broke with the group under attack from a dozen pirates, including the massive African warrior Tongo with whom Hassenfeldt has grappled before.

(Oh…and Zara found her lost monkey, Rigoletto…on the should of Chua Te’s consort!)