Right now, we’re into a good campaign of Hollow Earth Expedition, but there’s a few games that are on the back burner for the near future.

Atomic Robo — this is more pulp goodness, but this one tends to focus more on Science! and big robots. There’s a few things i was thinking about doing with it, not the least being tossing the comic books’ “canon” and just borrowing the stuff I want. The stripped down Fate system is much faster to play than Ubiquity, which powers HEX.

Unnamed system X — Black Campbell Entertainment is going to be releasing it’s own system, and that means playtesting. I have an idea for a near future dystopia game, as well as an espionage story, that I want to use to test the system.

Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition — I haven’t played fantasy for 30 years and with good reason: it always seems some derivative Tolkein pap. I have an idea for short campaign that I’d like to play in 5th Ed. simply because it reminds me so much of a slightly improved version of AD&D from when I played in high school. (So it’s probably a nostalgia kick.)

The one most likely to get played, I suspect, is Atomic Robo, but who knows..?