The question for today’s RPGaDay was “share one of you best ‘worst luck’ stories.” that one is easy: During a Stargate SG-1 campaign (we were using the James Bond: 007 RPG rules set with some tweaks for aliens, etc…) — it had to be 2005 — we were playing parts in the big Antarctic battle at the end of Season 7. One of the players had a fighter pilot who had been flying the F-302s from the show. During the big fight, he rolled a 00 (always a fail in JB:007) to dodge a shot from a goa’uld fighter.

The pilot struggled to get control of the fighter, which was now plummeting toward the ice below…but he’s got plenty of time; he’s six miles up! First roll to get control: 00. Safety roll: 00. The craft is now so badly damaged he’s got no choice to put it down. Control roll…

00! Safety roll: 00

He’s got to punch out as the F-302 starts to come apart in a flat spin. Tries to punch out…

Double. Zero.

This is his sixth indisputable failure. I have a choice: GM fiat and say “no, you’re getting out of this one” or accept that the universe wants this character deader than dead. (The player agree — dead. Super dead.) Never seen anything like it before or since.

Honorable mention goes to the husband of one of my gamers that used to play with us for a while. He was a bit of a duffer — he could never remember the die mechanic, even though we’d played for a year. He also was one of those guys that no matter what dice he used, they betrayed him at the most inopportune moment. This lead, one night, to him throwing himself to his knees, crying, “My dice at fucking me!!