This is an odd question. What hobbies dovetail into gaming? support gaming? what..?

There are some obvious ones that can dovetail into gaming, especially for the LARPing crowd, where costuming and the like can really enhance your experience. For the tabletop gamer, painting (say, miniatures) and drawing (cartography, characters, etc…) can aid with gaming. Being a cinephile has helped me with adventure creation and running games. But how about things that are less directly tied in?

There’s fencing, or armor making, costuming, all the attendant stuff you see with the Society for Creative Anachronism. SCA folks can really enjoy a good D&D game and bring their knowledge of all things medieval to the table. I like to test drive fancy cars, ride motorcycles, and shoot guns…that all dovetails well into espionage games. I also love to research; I’m a compulsive researcher…that helps with historical games where I want to build verisimilitude.

Nearly any hobby can go well with gaming, I suppose.