I’ve been banging together NPCs like crazy for the Hollow Earth Expedition campaign we’ve got going on. One of those described was Captain Thoth, the head of the Atlantean emperor’s secret police. I wanted something with that same vibe Klytus had in Flash Gordon, but not too close…

His look was described as an all black outfit with the red swastika (Hindu style) on the chest, a cape and cowl, and a strange near featureless bird mask…something along these lines:


He has a calm, superior demeanor, couches his interrogations in friendly inquisitiveness, until it’s time to get rough. He is a master torturer and enjoys his work. His face is covered due to his horrifying face, the result of a near-fatal attack. He lacks a lot tactile feeling, and is near impervious to pain.


Archetype: Vril-ya Spy     Motivation: Power     Health: 6

Body: 2, Dexterity: 2, Strength: 2, Charisma: 3, Intelligence: 3, Will: 4; Size: 0, Initiative: 5, Defense: 4 (6*), Stun: 6, Move: 4, Perception: 9

SKILLS: Athletics: 4, Brawl 5, Bureaucracy 7, Con 6, Diplomacy 6, Firearms 4, Intimidation 5, Investigation 6 (Torture 7), Linguistics 6, Melee 4, Pilot, Air 3, Ride 3, Stealth:4, Streetwise 6, Survival 4

RESOURCES: Artifact 2: war saucer; Status 2: Chief, Atlantean Secret Police

TALENTS: Alertness, Atlantean Language,  Danger Sense, Focus Attack/Defense (melee), High Pain Tolerance

LANGUAGES: Atlantean (native), Ancient Greek, Hyperborean, Trade

FLAWS: Albino, Condescending, Low Tactile Sense, Repulsive, Sadistic

WEAPON: Energy Pistol   Dam: 3L   Attack Rating: 9L   Cap: 20   Rng: 100’   Rate: b, Spd: A

Armor: * Adds +2 Defense

Thoth Mask: Ignore night perception mods, +2 vs. airborne toxins, etc.