[This is a repost of an oooold one from 2010. Artwork by “Partisan” and is used without permission. No infringement intended; let me know if you want it removed. You can see more of his work here. SCR]

Since we got into the Inner World in our campaign, one of the motifs has been the mythological connections to the beastmen. The various chimeras were created by the devi or the asuras, depending on who you ask, but many have mythological analogues. (The merfolk are the most obvious.)

Another chimera race that springs to mind is the centaur, and an excellent one for player characters, so without further ado…

CENTAUR (Follower 2)


Primary Attributes: Body 3, Dexterity 3, Strength 3, Charisma 2, Intelligence 2, Willpower 2

Secondary Attributes: Size 1, Move 6 (Run 12), Perception 6, Initiative 5, Defense 5, Stun 3, Health 6

Skills: Archery 5 (7), Athletics 5 (8), Brawl 5 (8), Stealth 3 (6), Survival 4 (6)

Talents: Alertness (+2 Perception)

Flaws: Addiction, alcohol; Herd Mentality; Lustful

Natural Weapon: Kick 8N

Once thought to be creatures of myth or allegory, Centaurs (and the female, Centaurides), roam the plains of the Hollow Earth near Atlantis and Shangri-La.  Usually, they are to be found in herds or in small hunting groups, but the occasional lone adventurer can be encountered almost anywhere in the interior world.

The centaur are a peculiar people — prone to great emotion and little self-control (as a rule.)  They are often drunkards, and when drunk, unpredictable.  When befriended, they are incredibly loyal and caring; when made an enemy, they are implacable and deadly, combining the best and worst traits of man and horse — they are fast, strong, smart, and vicious.

Character Template:

Attribute Adjustments: Size +1, Body +1, Intelligence -1, Willpower -1

Natural Advantages:  Quadruped (doubles speed)

Inherent Flaw:  Herd Mentality, Lustful