Hedra is a new dice-rolling program for iOS created by the people that brought you Dicy, which has been reviewed previously here. The creator contacted us a few days ago about the review of Dicy — which remains my go-to dice roller for RPGs when I’m running off of my laptop — to htank us and let us know about Hedra.

I downloaded the app and played around with it for a few minutes and now it’s time for the review:  Hedra is a very lightweight, minimalist dice rolling program. No fancy backgrounds, and right now there’s no build-ins for modifiers to the dice. Pick what you want and roll it. There’s no limit to the number you can roll, save you can only roll 20 at a time. (I rolled 40d6, just to feel like I was playing old Star Wars for a moment…) There’s all the usual polyhedrons you’ll need d4 o d20, and d100. The background is an off-white, the dice are each a single color to easily differentiate them, and the program totals them for you. The only die that is hard to read the individual dice are the d4s.


To roll multiple dice you can either tap like a lab rat looking for food, or swipe up and it will tell you how many it will roll when you let go.

I made the suggestion to the developer on the App Store to add Fate dice to the options. I think up-sizing the d4 is another good idea.

So is it worth it? It’s a buck. It’s a light serviceable dice roller. So, yes.