Simple: I want an updated, improved version of the old James Bond: 007 RPG.

Barring that, I’m thinking I’d like to see a game set in a retro-50s sort of universe, ala Streets of Fire or Trouble in Mind with noir styling, biker gangs, elevated trains, great old cars, coupled with ’80s style urban decay and ennui. A place where tough, laconic guys go out and under protest do the right thing — save the girl, take down the mobster, face down the biker gang leader with frickin’ sledgehammers! (Serious…if you’ve never seen Streets of Fire, stop reading, rent it, and enjoy. No, it’s not good; but you rarely achieve cool like this with a bad movie…)

I think you’d almost have to have a series of soundtrack albums to go with it. Tough and grungy stuff, like Ry Cooder.

A second choice, and one that has inspired an up-coming Black Campbell splatbook for Fate and Ubiquity would be a Porco Rosso RPG. I discovered the movie a few months back, having had it in my wish list on Amazon for a year or two. My daughter loves it. My wife loves it. I love it.

I would love to see a game where the setting really pushed the love of a vehicle, and handles combat of the same well. Think of all the movie and TV vehicles that stick with us: Millennium Falcon, USS Enterprise, or “Mad” Max Rockitansky’s ’76 Ford Falcon (XB chasis, if I’m not mistaken) posing at the V8 Interceptor, Cutter’s Goose from Tales of the Gold Monkey, or John Wick’s Shelby 350GT. Certain vehicles just link to a character. They are as totemic as a cowboy or ancient soldier’s horse, maybe more so.