Good question! It used to be you went to the local game store, but good luck with that in some places. I used to haunt some of the game-related boards and blogs, but I think most of it comes from other RPG writers or players posting on Facebook about a Kickstarter or upcoming product from a known group like Evil Hat or Cubicle 7.

Som Kickstarter-related posts have led me to that site, only to find something even more interesting to me. That’s how I found the excellent board game Xtronaut and the soon-to-be-released Constellations by the same gang. It’s how I heard about Cam Banks’ going solo from Margaret Weiss with a new iteration of Cortex Fate (I mean, Prime…) Most of the new stuff I’ve seen, however, is all from Mödiphiüs, which has gone license-happy (rarely a good sign.) They’ve got Conan, John Carter, and Star Trek, but their 2d20 system is lackluster. (Their Thunderbirds board game is excellent, by the way!) I was keeping up with Cubicle 7’s releases for a while because I was doing work for them, but I’m not a Whovian or Tolkein fanatic, so that doesn’t leave me much.

Because my interest in spending money of new game systems if they aren’t able to do a better job than Fate or Cortex (classic, not Plus) has waned of late, I’m finding I’m not actively seeking out new games. Even D&D 5th Edition, which inspired enough nostalgia for me to start running a campaign, only to realize that the stuff I didn’t like still remains (mostly related to hit points and healing, but the “everyone gets magic” schtick is annoying, as well.)

There have been a few good settings that have surfaces. Tales From the Loop looks interesting, but I’m not really looking to spend a bunch of dosh to see pretty paintings (and they are) turned into a game setting.

Man, I’m a cranky old bugger today!