A better question might be: What do you play?

I took this to assume that all conditions were perfect: You’re not working (that week.) Your spouse and child have either gone on a trip or you’re still single. You have friend in the same situation, for some reason — maybe you’ve gone visiting the old buddies from college, but instead of a raucous Las Vegas trip where comedic hijinks involving prostitutes, drugs, and wild animals ensue, you’re all 40-50 somethings who just want to f***ing game again.

Assuming I would be GMing, I would put together a “trilogy” of spy-fi stories, bust out the old James Bond: 007 system Victory Games put out in the ’80s, and we would play as long as we could stay awake.

If I’m playing, I don’t care what we’re playing. I’m building a bad ass character and throwing myself into Jared Leto levels of psychotic immersion.