I think this question is supposed to be “…and never played.” At least that’s how I’m taking it.

Hands down, this is Jovian Chronicles by Dream Pod 9. It’s an anime giant-robot setting with a lot of hard science trappings. Think The Expanse meets any Japanimation space show. The setting is wonderfully rich and interesting, but also has the problem of having a built in metaplot that — along with the tons of background material — can be daunting for a GM. Where to start?

Also, in the new millennium the idea of the Singularity, of transhumanism, etc. meant that the anti-AI “Edicts” that was central to the JC setting seemed horribly outdated. Now, I would suggest the worry over AI and joblessness is playing into the conceits of this game universe.

It’s got gorgeous ship designs and rich world-building, and an absolutely shit set of mechanics.