Specifically, they asked which films/series were the biggest source, but I think that’s a bit limiting. This is a curious question more for what it says about geek culture, rather than gaming itself…every game, I’m sure, has had it’s “Game Over, man! Game Over!” or “Let’s nuke it from orbit…” moment.

I’d bet good money it’s the most used quote regardless of group.

Outside of Aliens, which has an excellent selection, there’s the ever-ready “Get to the choppah!” or any other Arnold-ism. I rather like quips from South Park or Archer. More interesting, I think, is that there is a quote”shorthand” or “macro” to explain a situation or character’s reaction to the same for many gamers and geek in general. Even in real life, I address the nostalgia that people spout off about the “good ol’ days” with the Winter Soldier quote, “The food’s better; we used to boiil everything. No polio is nice.” when people idealize the past.

Gamers, if anything, are so immersed in popular culture, whether its movies, music, TV, or books, because we use games to mix and match ideas and characters, and try to find a version that is ours. We like seeing permutations on our favorite entertainment (with the possible exception of Star Trek fans — who always want something different, until they get it…then they bitch about velour shirts and bad sets from the 1960s like it was real.) For all the complaining about cultural appropriation, it is the heart of gaming and geek culture at large, whether it’s a black Batman, a young white girl doing Japanese anime cosplay, a Korean Wonder Woman, Japanese comic book writers stealing from Greek  mythology, or copyright-infringing, fan-made Star Trek films — this is a subculture that borrow, bends, reworks, repurposes to make something unique and cool. Just like cultures have done since time immemorial.