Another question that has a couple of ways to address it. Do you mean personally — what we want to play, what i hope happens in a game? From the industry — what I want to purchase, or trends in the RPG scene?

In the personal realm, I am looking forward to seeing how the D&D game plays out. This is my first shot at doing fantasy in decades, and I’ve been trying to amp up the horror and existential dread end of things. I never liked how finding monsters and stealing their treasure was just a sort of work-a-day thing for adventurers in games; this should be stuff that is frightening and awe-inspiring.

I’m hoping to convince the new players to branch out from 5th ed. and try some other stuff. We’ll see how it goes.

From the industry? I’d like to see a move toward smaller, more tightly written books, with better (not flashier) layout and design. I’d like to see a bit less politicking and more keeping things fun. I want to see the Fate version of the Greek myth game that Evil Hat’s got on the back burner, and I want the d6 Star Wars republish (Thank you, Fantasy Flight!)