So, as we get closer to the end of this chapter…volume…whatever of our Dungeons & Dragons campaign, I’ve been giving thought as to “what next?” I have some idea of what i want to do with the D&D game, but it’s not really been thought out beyond this point. Moreover, I’d really like to get some pulp action, which lead me to start working on idea for the next stage of the Hollow Earth Expedition game we put on hiatus earlier this year.

We ended on a pretty setting changing note: the Inner World was some kind of ancient prison built by gods(?) to hold in all manner of things. When the Great Machine that held the world inside the Earth in a pocket dimension of sorts was turned off, this Inner World slipped loose and eventually — inverted into a world of its own — sat in the same orbit as Earth, trailing some distance our world.

It’s a pulp game, so the hows, why, and do you mind if I don’ts do not matter…we have a Second Earth.

So, the ideas: there should be two sets of characters, one on Earth and one on “Atlantia”, as the place is being called by the scientific community. I like this, but as I think about it, I suspect leaving the old characters to be NPCs if an when they are discovered is a better way to go.

Second, the passage of the worlds, which were not quite in dimensional synch with each other means that some of the things from the Hollow Earth were deposited on the Surface World, and some people and things from Earth were transported with Atlantia. This would allow for the new players who weren’t there for the first campaign to be thrown into this new world without knowledge of what came before.

I mentioned that the Second Earth came through our world on the Pacific side, so most of the effects were felt in the Far East and South Pacific. Why? Because that’s where 1930s pulp stories often had the weird stuff happening: new islands with dinosaurs, half-man creatures in China and Tibet; on Atlantia, a missing Japanese Imperial navy task force…

Third, both the German and American expeditions to the Hollow Earth escaped with their Atlantean flying saucers. That means the Nazis and Americans are feverishly trying to reverse engineer the technology of the Ancients. And now the once-secret Hollow Earth is there for everyone to see 20 degrees trailing Earth…

I’ll be jumping the timeline three(ish) years from 1933 to 1936, to give the various powers a bit of time to come to grips with the tech and the new world. There’s best way to go, I think  — 1) World War II will happen later or not at all, as Atlantia captures their attention, 2) a “space race” to get to Atlantia and discover its secrets with a Rocket Ranger kind of quality to it.