While they are referred to in the various books for Hollow Earth Expedition, there’s no actual write-up for the classic Tibet/Nepal monster, the yeti. So let’s rectify that:


The meh-teh (man-bear) or “yeti” is an alleged humanoid creature that haunts the Himalayas and surrounding area. In 1921, a Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Howard-Bury coined the name “Abominable Snowman” after sighting human-like footprints for a creature much larger than a man in the snow during his expedition to Mount Everest. The name has stuck in the West. There is some thinking that they might be related to the mythic White Ape of the Congo, or the Apemen the Ansom-Bose Expedition of 1933 encountered in the Interior World.

Archetype: Beastman     Motivation: Survival

Body: 3   Dexterity: 2   Strength: 4   Charisma: 1   Intelligence: 2   Willpower: 2

Size: 1   Move: 6   Perception: 4   Initiative: 4   Defense: 6   Stun: 3   Health: 6

Skills: Athletics 8, Brawl 8, Stealth 4 (6*), Survival 4 (Mountains 5)

Talents: Excellent Smell (+2 Perception using smell), Thick Coat (Provides a +1 Defense and gives a +2 dice to Stealth in snow)

Flaws: Primitive (-2D to all technology-related tests)