1024px-Zangao.jpgA breed of dog used by Western Chinese and Tibetans for shepherding duties and as a guarddog, these canines weigh in between 120-150lbs, with the largest examples running 250 lbs. They typically stand waist high.

ATTRIBUTES: Body 3, Dexterity 3, Strength 3, Charisma 0, Intelligence 1, Willpower 4 SECONDARY ATTRIBUTES: Size 0, Move 6, Perception 5 (7*), Initiative 4, Defense 6,     Stun 3, Health 6; SKILLS: Athletics 6, Brawl 6, Survival 3; TALENTS: Keen Senses (*Adds +2 to Perception); FLAWS: Bestial (It’s a dog…); WEAPONS: Bite 7L

(It’s weird — there’s no DOG listed in the bestiary in Mysteries of the Hollow Earth, so I took a Dire Wolf and stepped it down. SCR)