The characters had gotten the jump on Obersturmbahnfuhrer Werner and his Ahnenerbe goons, leaving the far Western Chinese village ad Jyekundo to find a tulku, Chudak, who was on his way to see the 9th Panchen Lama about candidates for the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama. They had bought ponies and ridden out on to the barren steppes…

The next session saw them making their way along a stream, following the archeologist Zelansky’s memory of the tulku‘s itinerary. They saw a lot of tiny villages of maybe a dozen or two people living in tents and stone hovels, herding goats and sheep, or fishing the stream. Eventually, they stumbled on a village in between two high shap ridgelines that was surrounded by an abatis — a wall of interlocking spears made from the sparse trees of the region. Their tents were huddled inside, and their animals corralled alongside. Like the other people they had encountered, they were suspicious and cautious of the white men, and communication was difficult — their Mandarin not up to the task of talking with Tibetan speakers. However, they worked out that the region was in dangerous from some sort of “man-bear”, and that they should spend the night in the camp.

Over an early dinner, with the sun setting, they sussed out this “man-bear” was a creature of massive stature, smart as a person, covered in white fur. Zelansky is terribly excited — it’s a yeti! He then had to explain the notion of the “abominable snowman” to most of the party. It’s a creature of myth and he has to find it! He convinced the others to use a day or two to track down the “man-bear” with the aid of a brave native. That night, it attacks the animals of the camp only to be driven off by a volley from Zelansky’s .38 revolver. (He didn’t hit it, of course…)

They went into the wilderness to track the creature, only to be hunted by the yeti, instead. In an attack, the creature was able to knock their guide out and knock Cointreau from his horse. Pin-Lee attacked the monster, only to find it was fast and strong; his kung fu was having not effect. Cointreau used a smoke bomb to slip away from the creature, making it harder for the rest to get a clean shot at it with Pin-Lee in the way. Finally, O’Bannon the Sky Rat was able launch a burst from his mechanic’s Tommy gun, felling the yeti. They dragged it back to the native camp and arranged for the locals to do taxidermy on it so they could move it back to civilization.

Later, they made contact with the tulku and explained the Nazi’s interest. He claimed to have no knowledge of the whereabouts of the Eye of Shambala, and stressed that the object should be left alone. During talking to the monk, however, Zelansky notes a few inconsistencies — the tulku knows where the Eye is supposed to be, but he’s not saying.

They returned to Jyekundo and saw the man safely to the Panchen Lama. Werner and his party (in an attempt to upend the expectations of the characters) had remained with his party in the town. Why? They figured to let the party do all the work tracking him down and getting him here…then he’ll simply ask for an audience and try and get the information himself. He invited them to dinner — he had their plane return to the nearby Chunking and pick up supplies and fuel. Unlike their poor Douglas seaplane, the Boeing 247 is ready to go!

Meanwhile, Veitch the mechanic had inspected the plane to find subtle sabotage…they would have been able to take off, but after a while the engines would have failed. Worse, it appears someone took his coilgun in the nose apart and (expertly) reassembled it. They took apart his gun; they might have coilgun technology now!

The night ended with the group going to dinner with Werner, who tried to convince them (and failed) to team up and find the Eye. During dinner, Pin-Lee slipped away (whio would notice the missing Chinaman, anyway?) and ransacked the tent of the scientist they are sure took Veitch’s gun apart. He finds diaries, notebooks, and hand-drawn plans to the coilgun. Stealing them, he started to return to their plane, only to find himself face-to-face with the Tibetan mastiff the Germans are using as a guard dog.

We ended the night there on a cliffhanger and picked up this week at the same point. Pin-Lee tried to sweet talk the dog, but it leapt at him. And he knocked it cold with a single punch. pleased with himself, he turned to leave, only to be hit with some kind of dart by a shadowy figure. The poison in the dart knocked him out (but temporarily, thanks to a judicious use of style points.)

Seven black robed and hooded figures then attacked the German camp, leading to a massive fight between the Germans and the party, and these interlopers. Cointreau managed to avoid the worst of the battle, which started with one of the black figures jumping in and lopping the head off one of the Nazis. He then uses the chaos to rob Werner of his papers — just in case.

O’Bannon played his kung fu against their, using his tumbler glass as a weapon. Veitch surprised everyone with a successful firearms attack with his .38 Super 1911. Zelansky had forgotten his .38 revolver was empty and got struck down with a poison dart. (The player was out for the night with the flu…) Pin-Lee eventually woke and joined the fray, but not before Vetich and O’Bannon knocked some bad guys around, and Werner used his new Browning Hi-Power 9mm to good effect. At several points, the Nazis — who was perfectly happy to murder the party to get what he wants — avoids shooting to make sure his doesn’t kill the white people. Chinese? Sure, but his racism — in this instance — works for the good guys.

After the hoods are bested, they unmask them to find some of the tulku‘s monks. The nearby Chinese garrison shows up, Werner talks the party and Nazis out of trouble and gets them all medical attention. They then attempt to get the truth out of the captured monks and learn that they believe the Eye should not be found, as it could fall into the wrong hands. One monk urges Cointreau to kill Werner and Zelansky — to save the world. He also lets slip that there is another force in the mountains they are worried about, a place called Shanking.

Shanking, Pin-Lee tells them, is the birthplace of the world, a place of intense and ancient power. He doesn’t know where it is…no one does! But if Shanking is involved, this can’t be good.

Cointreau attempts to seduce (literally) information from one of the monks — the Vril that was left here after the Hollow Earth phased out of the Earth to become Atlantia. With the Vril monk now one his back side, Cointreau is ready to try and find this Shanking…but they are locked into the monks cell by another of the Tibetan contingent!

We ended there for the night…