Our Hollow Earth Campaign continued with the charaters teaming up with a gang called the 17 Tigers, led by a sorcerer Runyi Shen, to rescue Marcel “the Fox” Cointreau and defeat the “hungry ghost” Dai Pan. To do so, Veitch cobbled together an “electroforce” pistol out of the Atlantean crystal Zelansky carries, a battery and a length of pipe and coils. The idea is the electroforce may disperse whatever the incorporeal creature is. It was a nice bit of pulp spitballing by the players that I encouraged.

The gang sets off to the laundry the On Yik Tong uses as a front, and this led to a massive chop socky action sequence that involved swords, cleavers, press irons, moving clothing racks, and explosive cleaning products…leading to the defeat of the On Yik and the burning down of the laundry. While the building was buring around their ears, the heroes found the secret hatch that led them down deep under the city’s infrastructure to the same “dragon door” that Cointreau had been led through. Veitch finds it fascinating. It feels strange and when he touches it, he fall right through, while the others have to force it.

On the other side, Veitch finds the door is also a gate like the Eye of Shambala, and suddenly blue-gi’ed monks are spilling through. Superimposed, his friends come through the door and this led to a massive dozens of martial artists right on top of each other fight. O’Bannon, armed with Veitch’s pistol manages to kill the ghost in the midst of the fight, while Zelansky got off to the side and documented the whole thing with his camera.   Pin-Li got to show his stuff against multiple mooks, and Veitch escaped the fray only to be caught by the fox spirits. Things look grim for the young man when Cointreau, who escaped from the clutches of Dai Pan’s minions, shows up.

In the midst of the fight, Morana, the self-proclaimed Queen of Shambala steps through, disabling all the fighters in earshot with a simple “STOP!” (Atlantean Power Word!) She then found Veitch, intimidated Cointreau into cutting off his pinky. “I need him…but only a little.” she took the finger and put it in a metal vial hung around her neck, before retreating. Zelansky understands: she has just enough that with her ability to amplify psychic and spiritual energy, she can now use Atlantean technology!

The crew escaped the rest of the On Yik by using this new portal to go through the Eye of Shambala, currently being lowered from the airship Macon in the Moffett airship shed. Injured and shaken, the heroes were being taken to the naval hospital when we knocked off for the night.