I’ve been browsing through the Tales From the  Loop book, and been doing observations and student teaching…there was a definite ’80s (and current) kid stereotype missing:


There’s just so much to do, and you’re really excited to do it all! Sometimes, tht means you enthusiasm gets ahead of your brain, or your body. Sometimes you don’t pick up on the social queues you should, but what’s next?

Key Skills: Move, Lead, Investigate

Iconic Item: Choose one or make up your own — Old bicycle, distinctive hat, toy robot (It’s more than means the eye!)

Problem: Choose one or make up your own — I have a habit of engaging my mouth before my brain. I have trouble concentrating for long. I tend to run into or hit people by accident.

Drive: Choose one or make up your own — I get excited about things really easily! I just want people to like me.

Pride: Choose one or make up your own — I climb like a monkey! Everybody likes me!

Relationship to other kids: Choose one for each kid or make one of your own — I’m in love with him/her. I think they are my best friend, even though they treat me badly. She/he takes pity on me. We are best friends.

Relationship to NPCs: choose two or make up your own — My best friend is keeping these little machines in his garage and won’t tell anybody…not even me! I heard the school bullies talking about who they wanted to beat up. My favorite teacher is suddenly in the hospital and no one knows what’s wrong with him/her.

Anchors: Choose one or make up your own — Mother/father, School nurse, the toy store owner.

Names: Come on…just pick one.

Update: Interestingly, this post seems to be causing some consternation over the word usage. (It’s big taboo in the UK.) However, it’s period appropriate for the ’80s. Moreover, it points out that all of the archetypes in the game as boxes into which a character has been dumped by their peers/society/whatever. Watch The Goonies or The Breakfast Club and even though the characters show they are more than their labels…they also occasionally embrace them as a badge of honor.