This is a toughy. I’ve been playing for about 40 years (damn, I’m old…) and there’s been a host of good NPCs, so picking one in particular is tough. So I’m going to go with the NPC that has been most commonly resurrected and was popular with players (from what I can tell…)

Sir Douglas August-Haide — He was a Sean Connery-esque NPC in various incarnations of our James Bond game. He’d been a 00 and was now either the head of the Special Operations directorate for MI6/SIS, in another the head of a NATO special intelligence group with wide latitude, and in another the head of a private intelligence company on contract to various governments in the war on terror. He had the James Bond swagger and humor, coupled with a lot of money and influence from knowing where a lot of skeletons were buried. He’s most recently popped up in the Sky Pirates of the Mediterranean book we’re working on as the head of the foreign Volunteer Force (or “Sky Rats”.)

He was one of those best and shiniest equipment types, banging around in the latest Aston Martin, using the FN FiveSeven and P90, etc. In the latest iteration of the character, he commands the Sky Rats from the airship he bought from the British government before its decommissioning, the R.80. He’s got contracts with the League of Nations and various insurance companies to protect shipping in the Mediterranean and his guys get the best stuff on the market.