I am assuming the [your] here, as the grid didn’t specify if it was my favorite or the players’ favorite. Since I GM most of the time, this means which NPC character was my favorite to play over the course of a game. This one is easy:

CPT Aeria Evripidi, callsign Athena, in our Battlestar Galactica game. She was a viper pilot who was using the military to bolster what she figured would eventually be a career in politics. She was from a political family — her father a Colonial judge and her mother a television personality on Libran. She was hugely intelligent, tactically brilliant, a tease and practical joke player, but with a certain lack of empathy and understanding of people, and who was alternately respected or hated by the people she worked with. She would rise after the Fall of the Colonies to the executive officer position, and was eventually mortally wounded on Kobol, where she was used by the “goddess” Athena as biomass to resurrect when the Colonials found her tomb. Their personalities meshed and eventually the real Athena would subsume Aeria, but she would help lead them to Earth.

It was a fun character who was challenging to make likable, but not too much.