I don’t tend to be inspired to play by a specific game mechanic. The last time something like that happened would have been the use of playing cards for randomizers in Castle Falkenstein.

Are there mechanics I like? Yes — James Bond introduced me to point generation for character creation. I won’t do random again. It also introduced the concept of the Hero Point — a piece of game currency to adjust the outcome of a roll or absorb damage. What we used to call the “get out of death point.” Most games have it now, but JB:007 was the first that I know of.

Also, I love the bidding system for initiative and difficulty during chases in the old James Bond game. I thought it would be interesting to extend that to combat to get some of the “Have you jumped through the air firing two guns while screaming ‘Argh!’?” versus the cool, steady shot of the gunfighter in Unforgiven.

I like “take the average” from Hollow Earth Expedition and plan to use it for other dice pool games, like the old d6 Star Wars I’ll be running soonish. (For every two dice, you can just take a 7.)