I received the new Galactica in the mail last week and this is the biggest departure from the old Diamond Select models. Previously, the Viper and Cylon Raider were about the same scale as the DS versions, but here the Eaglemoss ship is much smaller and lighter. The Diamond Select Galactica is resin, and came with a set of launch pontoons that could be configured to be out for operations, or retracted for FTL jump. The new Galactica is molded in plastic — a departure from the usual metal diecast with plastic of the rest of the series. The other major difference is the superb base for the DS version, which sports the BSG-75 emblem on a stand shaped like the dress gray uniform device.


Despite the size, the detailing and coloration on the new Eaglemoss is light years better than the old model. Here’s an example of the nose section, Eaglemoss on the left.

And as usual, Eaglemoss bothered to do the underside, as well…


As with the Viper, the only flaw that is obvious if you are looing for it is the seam between the upper and lower hull. they smartly have it tucked in the space behind the launch pylons, but it’s pretty obvious. That said, I’m really happy with this model of the Bucket, and I’m hoping they do a Pegasus — preferably to scale with this Galactica.


It comes with a 14-page booklet, as with the rest of the series.


So is it worth the $55? Yes.