January brought my latest shipment from Eaglemoss’ new Battlestar Galactica model run: the original show’s Cylon Baseship. Like the rest of the models from this series, the detail is extraordinary for the size.


The model is about 8″ in diameter and they didn’t skimp on the detailing on the inside of the twin hull sections. The semas are well hidden on the inside portions of the saucers. Here it is in comparison with the new Galactica.


I continue to be quite pleased with the work on this series — enough so I picked up a few of the small Star Trek pieces (not as good, but not bad). As with the rest, it comes with a 14-page booklet on the design, filming, etc. of the ship.


The unit price on these is $54 or so, depending on where you look. If you’re a BSG fan looking to show your love (and annoy your roommates or significant others) on your shelves or mantlepieces, it’s definitely worth the price.

Side note: The Star Trek: Discovery line of ships is larger than the 3″ ships that Eaglemoss did for their main Trek line and they look great!