My love of the Eaglemoss Battlestar Galactica  line continues with the arrival in March of the Viper MK VII. As with the other fighters in the set, it’s about 8-9 inches long (so not to scale with the MK II, but roughly the same size as the old Art Asylum/Diamond Select version) and the detailing is fantastic, and much closer to screen correct than the older AA version. This one is carrying the call sign for Apollo with the tail number 2276NC. Like the MK II, the cockpit is dark plastic, so you don’t have an interior cockpit modeled, unlike the Art Asylum models of the early 2000s.


As with all the Eaglemoss models, it comes with a short booklet that has an interview with the designers of the spacecraft, as well as Ronald Moore.IMG_0634

It’s a handsome thing, but is it worth it? If you’re a BSG fan, abso-frakin’-lutely.