Massive bout of the fly for the kiddo and wife at the same time. Student teaching at a local high school while teaching a new class I’ve never taught before at community college. Once of the hardest schedules I’ve had since the military life…

But I’ve gotten frocked as a secondary teacher and the job search in on. I’m slowly transitioning into the summer writing and editing season and art queries for Gateway to the East, the sourcebook to 1930s Istanbul for Fate and Ubiquity in in the offing. We’re hoping for our usual late summer release — here’s to hoping we don’t get buried by a massive number of coold Kickstarters this year. They murdered the launch of Sky Pirates of the Mediterranean, which is our first flop for Black Campbell Entertainmentand seriously made me rethink a bunch of our release schedule, as well as question why I was doing any of this. (While, strangely, the stuff we pulled turned into Airships of the Pulp Era, which sold well enough to almost cover the disaster that was Sky Pirates.

I’ve been widening our gaming group’s selection of play, and my wee daughter requested and has started playing Dungeons & Dragons with me GMing. My Eaglemoss addiction has spread from the Battlestar Galactica line to the stunningly beautiful John Eaves designs for the Federation starships of Star Trek: Discovery. So there will be a few reviews on those coming.