“If you could only play one role playing game, what would it be?”

I’ve had this conversation, and I’m sure the answer has changed over time. There’s also an obvious follow up question: Do you mean one RPG system or rules set, or one setting? With a little work, most RPG mechanics can be house ruled to the point they can adequately model any setting and scenario you want. If you mean that, then my answer would probably be the original Cortex system that powered Battlestar GalacticaSerenitySupernatural, etc…

If you mean one setting? I think I’d probably choose Space:1889. It incorporates elements from just about every genre: there’s action and intrigue of the Victorian period, there’s aliens and space travel, and it’s a historical period where swordplay, gunslingers, and ridiculous superscience can easily coexist.

How ’bout you — what’s your “one” game?